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As steel structural works are an integral element of the construction industry, COREMETAL was inaugurated with specific intentions of achieving self- reliance and widening the scope of services to all important core customer base. The company operates with the fundamental principle of attaining customer loyalty through quality and service.

To enable the management to achieve this modest goal, a well-equipped plant comprising of latest manufacturing machinery and material handling system was established in Sajja Industrial Area. The professional management setup comprises of experienced managers, qualified engineers & designers and trained technicians, who adopt most modern manufacturing techniques together with a prudent approach throughout the processes of fabrication and installation of steel structures. A well-equipped in-house laboratory helps to check the quality of product during the various stages of manufacturing Various testing procedures like MPI, DP, UT and other non-destructive testing techniques are employed according to the project specification requirements.


Coremetal Steel Structures is dedicated to the delivery of world-class solutions to our stakeholders in part¬nership with our clients, consultants and the government.

We achieve this through adhering to the highest standards of safety, quality and environmentally centric practices while completing our projects on time and within budget. Our success stems from our policies to continuously invest in technological capabilities and innovation to ensure market adaptability. We are dedicated to empowering our employees to warrant their professional growth with rewarding careers. We are devoted to their safety, health and job security.
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To be the clients’ first choice in turnkey solutions for specialised steel structure requirements of any mag¬nitude across the GCC.


We at Core Metal are committed to achieve customer delight by performing each task defect free first time, every time and on time through. Team Work and continual Improvement in each and every process of the Organization.



Safety has always been Coremetal top priority. Coremetal believes that every accident is preventable and this philos¬ophy has been embedded into every Coremetal project through a combination of technical field procedures, safety gear and ongoing training programs. Our safety philosophy is based on the belief that every individual is entitled to a safe and healthy place to work.

We recognize that accident prevention is a line management responsibility. That responsibility is shared at every level of our organization, from the Chairman all the way through to the work force. Coremetal trains its managers, supervisors and employees to identify and correct unsafe conditions and more importantly unsafe work practices.
Coremetal commitment to zero accidents extends to every aspect of a project from planning to completion and from the board room to the field crew. For clients, the most tangible benefit of Coremetal safety efforts is better per¬formance on the project and a clear reduction of unanticipated costs. Coremetal also asks its sub-contractors and partners to adopt its commitment to safety and health. The result is exceptional safety performance.
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